Utah Education Fits All Celebrates Scholarships Awarded to 10,000 Utah Students

May 3, 2024

For Immediate Release

Contact:  info@utahedfitsall.org

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Robyn Bagley, Executive Director of Utah Education Fits All, released this statement today following the official announcement of Utah Fits All Scholarship awards. 

“Today is a special day for 10,000 Utah children! This school year will mark a new beginning for these students. This scholarship will empower parents to customize options that align better with their values, expectations, and their children’s unique needs. For many, the  financial support of the scholarship is a game-changer that will significantly democratize access to diverse educational settings. But for all Utah families, regardless of income, it represents an acknowledgment that they are the ones best suited to choose and customize their child’s education. As the organization leading the Utah movement to empower parents to shape their children’s learning journey, we’ve been engaging with and supporting families across the state. We’ve been listening to their very personal stories. For thousands of them, this is a day of celebration. But we also recognize the 17,270 students who are receiving their rejection letters. For many of them, today will be a day of heartbreak as they face another year in an education setting that doesn’t fit  their needs. We applaud all the families who applied despite the limited number of scholarships. We are committed to working with allies in the legislature and across the state to ensure that very soon no family in Utah is turned away from this empowering opportunity!” 

The mission of Utah Education Fits All is to ensure Utah families have the freedom and access to choose the best fit for their child’s education. Learn more at UtahEducationFitsAll.org. 

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