Families Share Their Stories

Education has always been a value my wife and I hold dear. It's second only to faith. So when we moved to Utah and found a school that melded education and faith together, we wanted to do everything we could so that our children could attend. Our oldest, Lydia (12), started at the school when she was a kindergartner. She's now in 7th grade and we will have four of our six children attending the same school in the coming school year.

Having our children in an environment where they can learn and grow alongside like-minded peers and teachers has been a blessing beyond comparison. But keeping up with the tuition has gotten difficult as more of our children start attending and as inflation keeps driving costs up. If awarded the scholarship, our family will be able to offset the private school tuition for each of our children, Lydia, Gabriel (9), Avacyn (7), Juliette (5), which will make it possible to keep them at our beloved school.

Keeping our children at a school that emphasizes Christian character, patriotism, and spiritual and secular learning would help them develop into upstanding, moral citizens with strong minds.
Cedar Hills
Thank you so much for offering the Utah Fits All Scholarship Program! Moving from another state and having a daunting adventure before us, the scholarship would be so helpful in allowing my children to feel connected, grounded, and receive a good education, especially as we get acquainted with Utah. We moved here as we’d like to preserve the family unit and live in a more peaceful and family oriented environment. We’re taking a big risk, and hopefully it will be worth it!
I have been homeschooling for 12 years, giving me the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with my children in helping them grow and excel in their studies and interests. As a mother, I want to teach my children in the way that is best for each of them. My children have loved the things we learn and I feel that I can create an environment for success.

We pay taxes that fund the public schools. The Utah Fits All Scholarship is SO amazing as it is constitutional and allows my money and my taxes to educate my children the way I choose. I now have the opportunity to purchase curriculum I agree with and allow my children some opportunities for music, art, sports, teachers of my choosing, and environments and experiences I see fit for my precious children that before I could not afford. I am beyond grateful for those who are fighting for us.

My children are SO excited for this next year to be able to have some music teachers, sports teachers, language teachers who are qualified and align with our beliefs and choosing! This is going to be one of our funnest years yet!! Thank you for all of you fighting for these important and needed and amazing rights that should always be ours!!!
It has always been super important for us to give our kids hands-on learning. Receiving this scholarship would allow us to give them more hands-on experiences such as projects and field trips that we wouldn't be able to provide without it.
I am 79 years old and have guardianship of my great grandson since he was one year old. While looking for a preschool to help him gain interaction with peers in his age group, I was lucky enough to find a Christian preschool not too far from our home. After completing preschool I was pleasantly surprised to find they were offering further educational opportunities up to and including fifth grade. I struggled to keep him at this facility monetarily and hoped for help to maintain his education progress in this environment. I was so glad for the Utah Fits All Scholarship Program, which affords me the opportunity to maintain his education in smaller classes and with the attention he gets from teachers and parents as well.
We applied for the scholarship this year for two of our four children. Hazel is 8 and Thomas is 6. We pulled our kids from public school so we could give them a more focused education. We currently homeschool because we cannot afford a good private school. We are paying out of pocket for our religious curriculum. We just get the bare minimum because we can’t afford any of the nicer things like book series and extra educational tools.

Both my kids want to learn Spanish and music. Both need swimming lessons. My daughter currently takes dance but each year the cost increases and will soon be more than we can budget. This scholarship would allow both my children to get a full education based on their interests and strengths without being limited by our cost of living. It would also allow my children to participate in classes and teams with other children and expand their social circle beyond the walls of our home. It would allow my son speech therapy and tutoring in areas where I lack the knowledge and experience.

I could go on and on about the doors this scholarship would open for my children. I hope that this can be a reality for my family and not just an unrealized dream. We are holding out hope that this program will continue to expand in the next few years so that it isn’t limited by income levels, but serves everyone who wants the best for their children.
I have three children who each have such different passions! Lea (12) loves art, reading, graphic design, and Roblox. Jack (14) is always building and upgrading computers, teaching his friends about video games and how to make their devices better, staying the latest in the finance world, and constantly wants to go to the skate rink or the trampoline park. Avery (10) is obsessed with making costume masks, directing her friends in videos they make, and practicing any musical instrument she can.

Unschooling works so well for us and I am thrilled watching my kids really discover what they can do and learn what they love. Having them home in that environment of trust and independence is so important. But there is no way I would be able to let them really dive into their passions without the funding they could get from the Utah Fits All Scholarship. The funds would allow them to chase their dreams and grow exponentially faster than they ever could without it.
Eagle Mountain
We applied for the scholarship this year for four of our children. And let me say, we're so blessed to have it. I want my kids Shekinah Glory (11), Samaritan (10), Wesley (8), and Sinamariarosa (6) to follow their dreams and their passions as far as they want to go. This scholarship would allow that. Along with all the homeschool core curriculums we need, it would take a huge financial burden off our shoulders. I just want to encourage my kids to be the best that they can be. We only have one income as a family We are still trying to make ends meet. This scholarship represents more than just financial assistance. This program would be a huge blessing to our family and for educating at home, and this scholarship would make it possible. Thank you so much!
Our kids were adopted through foster care, and have unique challenges in learning and behavior. The Utah Fits All Scholarship would allow us to focus on their greatest needs at their own pace—an option not available to us before because of cost. We have high hopes for this next school year!
My daughter, Kylie (15), is very artistic and loves painting, drawing, sculpting, carving, everything to do with art. We would love to provide her with more advanced art opportunities to help her develop her skills in those areas. She loves reading and hands-on learning. My daughter, Loreen (12), is very active physically and wants to be involved in swimming, gymnastics and parkour. I would love to see her be able to participate in those activities. She is also dyslexic and I would like to get her specialized help with reading and writing to help her in those subjects. My daughter, Myrah (10), is very dramatic and would love the opportunity to be involved in theater and musical theater. She has auditory processing disorder and dyslexia for which I would like to get her specialized help. My son, Fenton (7), is really interested in science. I would love to let him be involved in more science activities and give him more hands-on experiences.
American Fork
This program would be a huge blessing to our family and for educating at home. I have kids whose interests range from the arts to engineering. If we had this scholarship, we would be able to invest in machinery (3D and laser printers) for my engineer-minded kids. We could afford art tutoring and sign up for professional art classes. A scholarship would free up our budget for more field trips and exploration of our beautiful state.

I almost don’t let myself think about all the doors this scholarship would open for us because if we don’t get it, we will be sad! For those of us choosing homeschool and taking it seriously this is life changing. Children deserve education catered to their strengths and dreams and this scholarship makes that possible.
Elk Ridge
If we receive Utah Fits All Scholarships for our children, I feel like it would be an absolute game changer for our family, and our kids. This winter our daughter was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, the treatment for which has essentially left her immunocompromised for the rest of her life. Watching her have to withdraw from school friends, activities, etc has been heartbreaking. We don’t currently have the financial freedom to sign her up for all the private lessons she wants to take, so the scholarship would change that!

As for my other kids, I want them to follow their dreams and their passions as far as they want to go with them. This scholarship would allow that. Along with all the homeschool core curriculums we need, it would take a huge financial burden off our shoulders.
If we are awarded the scholarship, I will be able to customize my kids' education. I have an autistic child, Nickolas (6), with ADHD and DMDD. I will be able to put him in programs that work for him. The school system is not set up to support him in a way that he can learn. I can get him into ABA therapy, occupational therapy, and tutoring. I can also let him learn in an environment that he feels comfortable in. My other son, Parker (10), has been bullied and is failing most of his classes. He is afraid he will make a mistake and get made fun of. He gets in trouble from his teachers and they frequently take his recess away because he is unable to complete his assignments on time. It is a struggle to get him to school because of his anxiety.

I just want to encourage my kids to be the best that they can be, whatever that is. I am praying we get the scholarship.
West Jordan
My son is neurodivergent and doesn’t fit the current public school “mold”. Being able to custom tailor his education for him will set him up to become his best self! We need to take care of these neurodivergent kids. They are often the ones that become leaders, inventors, and change the world because they think “outside the box”. The scholarship is an investment that is worth it.
When our son was in the 3rd Grade he was expelled from his school for behavior issues after receiving several diagnosis related to disabilities. He would have massive meltdowns and he was relentlessly bullied. When kids and teachers were being injured, we didn't feel we could justify fighting his expulsion. My husband and I were both full-time public school teachers, so we decided to go to one income and I stayed home to begin our homeschooling journey. By year 4 of homeschooling, he had not only erased his deficits, he had begun completing high school and college level work in the 7th grade! We have been able to create a custom mix of courses that allow him to thrive by moving and mastering materials at his own pace while completely avoiding the problems caused by his dysgraphia, OCD, ADHD, etc. With the Utah Fits All Scholarship, we are going to be able to expand which courses he can take to ensure that he is well-prepared academically for the real world. Thanks to the scholarship, we will be able to afford the necessary therapies that will allow him to better tolerate being in groups of people, communicating appropriately with other teens and adults, and how to compensate for the challenges created by his disabilities. We will be able to get him a laptop that can handle advanced computer programming and video game design. We will be able to have him attend a summer camp for kids with special needs that can help him develop interpersonal skills with peers. Thanks to the scholarship, we can continue to prove that our son is capable and can positively contribute to the world.

Our daughter, who just turned 17, has a very different story and path than our son. She has always been academically gifted, but her true passion has been ballet since she was 6 years old. We kept her in a charter school until the 9th grade. At that point, she was training for ballet 20+ hours per week. She had no social life and was constantly exhausted. Once we brought her home, everything changed for her. Because of the flexibility over her schedule she began to excel academically. After 10th grade, she applied for the University of Utah High School University Program. She is attending college level courses (mostly online) and receiving college credit. She plans to graduate high school with approximately 80 college credit hours. Thanks to the Utah Fits All Scholarship, we will be able get her a laptop that can handle her high level of acadmic performance and we can round out her education with classes she wouldn't otherwise get - like woodworking, construction, xeriscaping design, and first responder training. She is able to be happy, healthy, and still have time for friends.

As a former public school teacher with a M.Ed., married to a public school teacher, I am so thankful that the Utah Fits All Scholarship exists! There are so many students whose needs are different than my children's needs. Because I am able to give my children their best educational experience, the public school system is less burdened, while I get to help my children excel in ways that they never could have there.
Saratoga Springs
Our foster daughters, Priest (6) and Salem (7), have come from a difficult background. In kindergarten, Salem sought attention by being the class clown, and struggled academically. Priest was quiet and, in a classroom with over 30 students, she grew academically behind. We sent them both to a private school where they are thriving, but it has been a big financial challenge and we have started to accumulate some debt. This scholarship will mean we can keep these special girls in a classroom that has proven to be a great fit.
American Fork
I have two kids young kids, Chloe, who is 7, and Clifton, who is 5. I decided to homeschool because I worry about the influence the world is having on my children. They are so moldable and I want to be the person that has the greatest influence. We have been so excited about the Utah Fits All Scholarship because of the many opportunities it will provide that we would not have access to otherwise. With the scholarship this year we plan on going to museums, tutoring for spanish, buying computers for school work, purchasing learning programs for the computer, doing sports, and focusing on music. We also plan on purchasing supplies for arts and crafts and science projects, as well as purchasing books. With the scholarship we can't wait for this school year to be able to have great learning opportunities while having fun.
My daughter goes to a hybrid school called Family Lyceum. With the scholarship I plan to first pay her tuition. Then, I plan to use funding for her math teacher and programs on the days that she is not at the school. Any remaining funds will be used for field trips and educational supplies.
I plan on using the scholarship to expand our childrens' opportunity to focus on the arts; this is something that we currently do, but with the scholarship our children can have more lessons in their areas of interest to pay our vendors for a more comprehensive experience. Those dollars will go directly to local vendors who will boost the economy directly in my area. Also, we will be able to have more hands-on experience within the STEAM disciplines.
South Jordan
This scholarship is very important to my family. I have a huge blended family—sixteen children at home that I’ve been homeschooling! I have always dreamt about my children attending schools like Liahona and American Heritage but could not afford it with as many children as I have. The private schools are very important to me because of my religious beliefs and standards. I want high quality education, academic excellence, and an upstanding moral environment for my kids. Some of my children have learning disabilities and cannot function in the private schools. For those children I will be hiring tutors. My children love extra curricular activities like orchestra, ballroom, and piano. This scholarship will allow them to pursue their talents. Furthermore, math and science are notoriously difficult to teach for homeschoolers, and this funding gives us an opportunity to get the help they need to keep our children on grade level.
I plan to use the scholarship for my 5 year old son and 8 year old daughter. The scholarship would make it possible for them to go to different educational camps in the summer, which can be very expensive. It can also help us during the school year be able to go on more field trips and participate in extracurricular activities, such as swimming and dance.
My son, Matthew, age 7, has down syndrome. At our local public school they did not allow kindergarten for kids with down syndrome. I took him to a charter school that allowed kindergarten. I wanted him to be in a regular classroom with an aid. It started out okay, but slowly Matthew started showing signs of sadness going to school. He kept saying the word, “mean” whenever I would take him to school. His vocabulary is very limited, so I had to be very careful about allowing him to be in an environment that he said was mean. At this point I decided to homeschool him.

I found a homeschool group that would allow Matthew in their class of five other children. It was hard on me and Matthew because it’s not a situation that really works out for him. I have to hire a private reading teacher, a private speech teacher, and he really needs a private physical therapist and private occupational therapist tutor, not to mention tutors for other areas he could benefit from. All of this combined is expensive, which does not include any supplies. I also want him in a tumbling class which I had to cancel because my money wasn’t going far enough. I don’t think I qualify for the scholarship because our income is higher than the preference levels. I wish we did because Matthew’s needs are greater than the typical kid, so I need to spend more on his special private tutors.

He is finishing off his first grade class with this homeschool group. I just do my best every day to help him progress in his learning with all the skills he needs; intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual. I will continue to hire private tutors as I can afford.

This is my story. I hope this helps the cause. If I don’t get the scholarship, that is okay. I will do my best to budget my money with Matthew’s needs. I do worry about all those who have kids with special needs that really could use some extra one-on-one private tutors for their child.
My girls have always been in Private Catholic school, which has placed an extreme financial burden on the family as a whole. What the Utah Fits All scholarship means to my family is long overdue financial assistance in providing my girls with a quality education in a safe, moral-based environment. This scholarship money will go directly to support all aspects of their education, from academics to athletics to social skills and fine arts, to individual interests.
My child was diagnosed with dyslexia and memory disabilities. We tried getting her extra assistance in public school, but even the special ed class has nearly 20 students, and all with completely differing needs. The public school refused to hold her back even though she would need to be able to read to complete any of her assignments and yet couldn't even recite the alphabet. This scholarship will allow us to hire a tutor who specializes in dyslexia and hopefully get her back on track and reading at level.
I'm a mom dealing with chronic illness. Life was already a challenge, but when my son, Eli fell ill long-term, things got even tougher. Regular school became too much for him and the options from our school district didn't fit the bill.

After weighing our options, we decided homeschooling was our best shot. But managing it alone with my own health issues? That's a whole other struggle. That's where the Utah Fits All Scholarship comes in—a glimmer of hope, offering Eli the quality education he deserves. We plan to use the scholarship to tailor curriculum to his educational and medical needs and to provide him with the instructional support and tutoring he's missing out on because, well, I can't always manage it.

We know we're not alone in facing these challenges. With medical bills piling up, financing educational services has been tough. But this scholarship isn't just financial assistance. It's a lifeline, a game-changer. It means we can prioritize Eli's education while still ensuring his health comes first. And for our family, that's an enormous relief.
We would use the scholarship funds to meet our goal of getting my son back to grade level in both math and language arts. Though we have made great progress over the last year we have been unable to hire additional tutors that would help meet that goal. We also would like to access specialized help for children with ADHD and buy a tablet or device to run some specialized programs. Many ADHD kids learn better and remain more engaged in technology based learning than book-based learning. Lastly, we would like to access some physical education resources like golf, skiing, or parkour lessons to help address his constant fidgeting and maintain health.
I plan on paying tuition for a private/hybrid school for my 13-yea-old daughter. The rest would go towards a working laptop, math curriculum/classes, an online Spanish class, and a coding class. My 16-year-old daughter would continue attending public school part time for her art, choir, and theater classes, and I would use the available funds for her towards chemistry curriculum and all the supplies needed for the experiments, an ACT prep course, math curriculum/classes, and her art supplies.
We are a former military family who found our way to Utah to make it our home. We love it here and we are blessed to have found such a state to live in. We have three children, Isabella, Gabriel, and Christopher, ages 11, 8, and 6, respectively, the first two who are both special needs students.

Our oldest child went to public school in Florida. She is on the spectrum and since she was not a troublemaker and kept quiet most of the time, she ended up getting ignored and quickly fell behind her peers over the course of a few years. We sought out a private school here in Utah, with smaller classrooms and more individualized instruction. This has been such a wonderful experience for her, as well as our middle child who is also ADHD special needs.

Public school, as good as it can be, was not a good fit for our children at all, and the private school experience has been exactly what they both need in order to learn, grow and thrive. Our youngest child, who is now in the first grade, has also really benefited from the same individualized attention and small classroom sizes.

But, we only have one income as a family. Although we have saved some funds for education, we are still trying to make ends meet, adhering to a strict budget and ensuring that we provide for our three children's education at the school where they all have made such great progress, given the special needs situation of our older two children.

If awarded the scholarship, all of their tuition will go completely to the private school where they currently attend and it will be a huge burden off the family budget as well as afford the family more time, resources, and energies going towards positive experiences to enhance their learning experience, such as sports and fitness events and such. There will be much less stress each month by having the private school completely funded for our three children and this would be the best of all academic situations for our family!
Woods Cross
I have 4 daughters and 3 are school aged. I am excited to have an opportunity to use the scholarship funds for a more rounded curriculum. To have funds to explore different science opportunities and add more physical activities to excite my daughters to be active and take care of their bodies. The scholarship would allow us to spend more time exploring with field trips and learning many more facets of education.
I hope to be able to receive the scholarship for my children (1st grade and 3rd grade). This would be so financially helpful to cover the costs for their curriculum, maps and other informational posters for our workroom; it could help cover the costs for museum trips, zoo days; the funds could help with road trips to see national monuments and parks. As a young mother with young children these funds would help me provide a well-rounded and hands-on education for my children that I know a public or charter school wouldn’t be able to provide.
This scholarship would represent an extraordinary opportunity for our children Ashlynn (11), Mason (10), Kylar (8), and eventually Katalina (4). While each of our children brings their own unique strengths and challenges to the table, one of our children faces the added hurdles of dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD.

The impact of this Utah Fits All Scholarship would be profound, particularly for our child with learning differences. It would afford them access to specialized tutoring tailored to their specific needs, offering invaluable support that traditional public schools don’t provide. Furthermore, it would open doors to extracurricular activities where they could truly excel and thrive.

We deeply value the importance of school choice, especially when public schools are unable to offer the services our children require. This scholarship would fill that crucial gap, providing the exact support our children need to flourish academically and beyond. In essence, this scholarship represents more than just financial assistance; it signifies the opportunity for our children to reach their full potential and for our family to access the resources necessary for their success.
We plan to use the funds for our 7 year old son to take a martial arts class to help him with emotional regulation, growth mindset, and coordination. He’s a deeply feeling kid and has struggled with how to regulate feelings of anger, sadness, and disappointment. We also hope to use the funds for a STEM subscription because our son is very interested in building and experimenting.
I plan to use the funding to enrich my children’s education with curricula that are tailored to them. They thrive in an environment that includes hands-on learning and curricula with living, meaningful stories about the subjects they are studying. They enjoy lesson plans that weave art and music into their daily routine and the opportunity to be outside and experience nature and movement frequently. Schooling my children from home will allow me to provide a one on one education administered by someone who is one hundred percent invested in my child’s success. It will also empower my children to have more control in what they learn, how they learn, and when they learn.
We've been homeschooling for several years now and have learned how to get to the basic academics on a shoestring budget. But as my kids get older, I want to do more enriching activities and field trips together. If we are awarded the scholarship, we would love to use it for a zoo membership, enrichment subscription boxes, extracurricular activities like gymnastics and martial arts, and to see a few live performances and plays!

My kids have already created their own wish lists of things they are excited to explore, too. We can't wait to find out if the scholarship will bless our lives this year!
Receiving the scholarship would help fund my student's participation in a local education based micro-school. I am also looking forward to being able to afford reading and math tutoring for my daughter whose needs aren't all met in a classroom experience. As a parent, it is important for me to be able to choose and be involved with my child's education. I appreciate funding options like the Utah Fits All Scholarship that allow me to be more involved in my children's education.
I have been managing my children’s school education for 18 years now. I am so pleased Utah has accepted this cutting edge way to deal with those of us who care deeply about education for our children. All of my children are attending private schools. I would use the funds to pay tuition, books, and fees to their schools. I would also use it to pay for their music lessons.
I wanted to share my voice as to why we chose to apply and why it is important for all families.

We are a young family trying to make ends meet. We are blessed in the sense that we only need one parent to work so I can stay home and raise our children with the fundamental moral values important to our family. With this scholarship we can provide a proper education through homeschool and give each of our children a specific education based on their needs. We can pay for music lessons, art classes, physical education, core knowledge curriculum, without breaking the bank or only picking one thing for them to try. We can give them a little more to grasp what they are truly passionate about.

With their father in the military and a civilian pilot, he is gone a lot. With the scholarship we can have the flexibility to homeschool, allowing us to travel with him and have him just as involved in their education, and he doesn't have to miss out on them growing up.

We as parents should be able to choose where the money goes and how to apply it to our children’s education.
We have three boys and would love to put them all in karate. The scholarship would allow us to do that. We also want to give them swimming lessons, which would be hard to accomplish for three kids on our family budget. I would love to be able to get them all a chrome book or basic laptop so they can practice typing and other computer literacy in a safe and independent way. Obviously we’d use it for curriculum, which adds up with three kids.
I plan to use this scholarship to teach my 9 year old daughter in a way that fits her personality and learning style. It will provide a way for her to learn new skills that I can’t teach her alone. I am not a skilled pottery expert, artist, scientist, mathematician, musician, etc. However, with a Utah Fits All Scholarship I can gain access to those resources.
West Haven
My 15 year old son. Isaiah, LOVES to learn. He begged me to leave public school in 7th grade and go to a private school where he could be pushed academically. Fortunately, we were able to do that for him with the help of a partial scholarship. He has thrived in a private school setting. He has made friends and is now a full grade ahead giving him the opportunity to intern with a business his senior year and gain entrepreneurship experience. One teacher recognized that my son was good at critical thinking skills and asked him to be part of a research team meeting with the CEO of a hospital and others on a board to help put into action some of their findings. He would have never had this opportunity in a public school and might not have ever known some of his strengths. This type of experience will open up so many doors for him in the future.

Sending him to private school has been a stretch for us financially even with a partial scholarship. We wouldn't be able to send him next year without the Utah Fits All Scholarship. The Scholarship would make it possible for my son to continue at the private school and make it possible for all my kids to go; including Skye age 13, Cooper age 9, and Dean age 6, to help set them up to be successful adults and contributing members of the community.

I love this idea that we get to tailor the learning experience to our kids and what suits them best.
I hope to use the Utah Fits All Scholarship for my two younger kids, Ashton, age 12 and Allison, age 10. I want to tailor their education to help them be better able to learn and more interested in what they learn. They struggle with some ADHD and anxiety issues, and I hope to be able to give them classes to better fit their needs and learning styles.
When my 6 year old was 2, he could write the entire alphabet. He could do basic math before he was saying many words. At 3, he could do multiplication with answers into the hundreds. We knew there was something unique about him. Since then he has continued to be academically advanced and has completely blown us away. As I write this, he has been assessed at a 6th-7th grade level for most subjects.

This may sound amazing, and it absolutely is... but it certainly comes with its own challenges. Some hurdles include finding the right school, teachers, child-led programs, advanced curriculum, and other unique and custom ways to meet him where he’s at. The most beneficial at this time has been virtual one-on-one Montessori programs. This way he can participate in courses at any level and at his own pace while the teacher can get to know him well. This comes at a cost, though. So do the materials he needs to supplement this learning. He can complete workbooks 2 inches thick in a matter of days. He masters topics so quickly that the materials become obsolete within weeks and more are needed (bead counters, multiplication boards, flash cards, Montessori supplies). We simply cannot keep up with his needs at this rate.

Learning about the Utah Fits All Scholarship was such a relief. We know he would benefit from adding more classes and using new materials, but we just can’t afford to add any more at this time. There are also psychological/neurological assessments that can give us a better understanding of how his brain works, and ways we can challenge and support him. These are not covered by insurance and can cost over a thousand dollars.

Also, for socialization and physical education he participates in travel sports at a competitive level. It adds up very quickly.. The Utah Fits All Scholarship will help us help our son to reach his full potential without holding him back due to finances.

We sincerely appreciate this opportunity as it is becoming apparent that not every child’s educational trajectory looks the same. Utah understands this and we are grateful for all who contributed to make this possible!
St. George
I adopted four children from Foster Care. Two of them have learning disabilities. The money would help me to hire tutors to help with their special needs.
Receiving this scholarship would be so amazing for our family. We are just beginning our school journey with our oldest daughter Claire, who will be starting kindergarten this fall. As the school year has approached I have had such a hard time deciding where she should go. Given the opportunity of this scholarship I would be able to send her to a private school that I adore and know would be such a good fit for her & her education. Without the scholarship it would be impossible for us to afford the school and; therefore, we would have to send her elsewhere. It would give us the means to really be excited and comfortable with every aspect of her school experience for the upcoming future. There are so many things we love about the private school we would like to send her to, including a focus on religion, public speaking, small class sizes, and many more aspects that we really feel would be the ideal fit for our daughter and our other children as they reach school age as well. We would be grateful for the opportunity of receiving this scholarship, as it would allow us to be fully confident in our decision for our children’s education.
This opportunity is important to our family because it will allow us complete freedom in the education of our children. There are so many wonderful programs out there that provide opportunities for learning in different environments, such as nature classes and STEM programs, but some of those programs can be so expensive. There are also so many wonderful educational subscriptions! But those can all add up. This scholarship could allow us to use the resources and mentors that can help develop our child's unique passions. I hope to use this scholarship for my 7 year old boy, who has a love of golf, nature, and math! He can do math all day! I want to cultivate all of the things he loves and provide him with all the resources that I can to strengthen those passions and encourage curiosity. Freedom of curiosity is huge to us. This scholarship would allow us to try things he wants to try without stressing about the cost in this time of inflation. Thank you for this opportunity to broaden our child's opportunities and provide them with the best possible education!
Having five kids (Two sets of twins, and two possibly autistic) and only one income, this scholarship is important for our family to receive. Our school-aged kids are Adaleide - 10, Jackson - 7, and Berlyn - 7. We believe in a well-rounded education and that means access to the arts. I'm a dance teacher at the local recreation center and I want my children to have opportunities to connect the two sides of their brain outside of the classroom setting. Nothing does that better than the fine arts. Dance, theater, painting, and playing instruments are proven ways to make humans better at empathizing and connecting. I really struggled with the homeschool decision knowing that my kids are having fewer cost-effective arts opportunities than public or private school students. The scholarship would help toward making sure my kids are connecting with kids in specialized programs outside of our home.
I am hoping to obtain the Utah Fits All Scholarship for my 5 year old for kindergarten. Receiving the UEFA scholarship would allow me to homeschool my child who has special needs. We have toured multiple schools from private, charter, and public and none of them seem like quite the right fit. The UEFA scholarship would provide the funds for me to tailor my child's education to her specific needs and provide the one-on-one attention that she would require. I would use the funds for expenses like field trips to places like state parks and museums; to classes such as art, music, and other special interests; to buying books and supplies that would be helpful for her unique learning needs.
Getting the Utah Fits All Scholarship for my children would be an amazing opportunity. It would allow them to attend a microschool that is a much better fit to meet their educational, social, and emotional needs than the public school they currently attend. The smaller class sizes, unique educational experiences, curriculum, and out of the box thinking is exactly what my kids need. My children are creative, smart, inquisitive kids, who in a typical classroom are often lost in the numbers. My 9-year old, Piper, is a shy, quiet, follow-the-rules kind of child who is often overlooked and my 5-year old, Niko, is seen as disruptive and given consequences because he doesn’t color inside the lines, asks too many questions, or needs to be outside to thrive. We wouldn’t be able to utilize the opportunity of the microschool without the scholarship due to the financial burden it would place on our family so this scholarship plays a vital role in the quality of education my children will receive in their formative years.
When I was growing up my mom was a Special Education teacher. There were a couple of years when she also taught the after school gifted and talented program, and everyone thought it was so funny that the “geniuses” and the “slow kids” met in the same classroom. But my mom taught me there was no difference, both groups were just kids who didn't fit into the mold. She always said “everyone” ought to be in special education because every child's education should be individualized. Now, I have five kids of my own that I'm homeschooling. My oldest has ADHD, ASD, and ODD; we're still figuring out exactly how his brain works. He is the sweetest and the most brilliant kid I know, but he also has some behavioral struggles. If we were to put him in public school, I honestly don't know whether he would end up in the special ed or the gifted end of the spectrum. But what I do know is that with this scholarship he could thrive and grow far beyond what he would be able to do in any classroom. And I have no doubt he will change the world someday! I am doing my best to educate my children with real life skills, academic knowledge, emotional intelligence, and confidence to follow their passions. But, with five kids on a single income, there's only so much I can do. This scholarship would be absolutely life-changing. I am so grateful for the Utah Fits All Program, and I know that the future will be brighter because more kids will be enabled to learn and grow and thrive beyond the one-size-fits-none model of the past.
Pleasant Grove
My family is so grateful for the Utah Fits All Scholarship Program. Our little kids (Lillee - 6, Jensen - 5, and Nora - 4) are just getting started in the education system. The Utah Fits All Scholarship is a Godsend for our family! With it, all our kids would be able to go to our school of choice and receive the best education for them. What is taught to our kids is one of the most important things we do as adults. Having competition and choice in that market is the best way to improve the quality of instruction for our kids. Without the scholarship, we won’t have the choice we want. It literally opens doors for our family. We must expand this program to all families and attach education dollars to children, not to schools. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the opportunity to help save my kids' hearts!
Receiving a Utah Fits All Scholarship would be important for our family because both of our children excel academically. Their success fills us with pride, but it also comes with financial challenges. A scholarship would relieve our financial strain and empower us to further support their educational and extracurricular pursuits, invest in their growth, and enrich their overall learning experience. It could be a game-changer for our kids’ education, allowing us to invest in their academic growth through private school tuition, specialized materials, and tailored educational experiences. They could explore their interests more deeply, excel in their studies, and have access to opportunities that could shape their future success. Both of my kids love learning, and with this scholarship we would be able to customize our children’s education to better suit their unique learning needs.
Salt Lake City
Families in rural communities have few choices in education. The prospect of the Utah Fits All Scholarship enabled my family to join with other families and create a microschool with more student led learning, project based learning, and outdoor learning than they can get in a public school. My daughter, Sarah-Grace is 7. My son, Samuel, is 14. We would use the scholarship to give them a voice and choice in their education.
My family came from Myanmar to the United States as refugees. We have been one and half years in the United States now. My two sons, Joseph grade 5, and James grade 1, attend the Prince of Peace Lutheran school. They are so happy to go to school everyday. I'm glad that we found this school. My husband and I have low income and we struggle to pay for our children for school. But the Utah Fits All Scholarship Program would help us. This would mean a lot to our family. I would like to say thank you for the help and support the scholarship would give us. We would really appreciate it.
Salt Lake City
We are one of those families with children who didn't really fit well into the standard public education system. We have been homeschooling our children for the past six years with wonderful results! However, we have always had to really scrimp and budget for the cost of classes and curriculum. We have seen our property taxes increase, with the money going to a school district my children don't attend and taking money from what we have been able to spend on individualized education for our own children. Receiving this scholarship money would allow us to better fund the educations of each of my children differently. My teen son is neurodivergent with ADHD. He struggles at times with focusing on subjects for longer periods of time, but can really do amazing things with subjects and topics he is interested in. He has really found his voice and passion in musical theater, as well as in video game design. Homeschooling has meant we are able to use a curriculum that works well for him and requires less time for him to complete than traditional classrooms. This scholarship money would enable him to pursue more classes, lessons, and opportunities in a way that works best for him. My teen daughter struggles with social anxiety which makes being at a public school for hours each day overwhelming and difficult for her, though she does enjoy being in a classroom setting regularly for shorter periods of time. She excels at math, and at her chosen extra-curricular of dance, and is on grade-level with other subjects. Receiving this scholarship would allow her to pursue her passions, while continuing to progress academically in a combination of smaller in-person classes, and online learning, without having to sacrifice the quality of instruction she receives.
Receiving this scholarship would make a big difference in my family's ability to customize our son, Wesley’s education. We live off one income, paycheck to paycheck, and in today's economy it can make it difficult to afford nicer, more extensive curriculums, let alone all the other things we would like to do for his education. I want to be able to really help him grow in his learning, and having this scholarship would allow me to do that for him. We could get a curriculum that is more specialized to his level of learning. We also would have the opportunity to do more hands-on learning by enrolling him in different classes outside of the home. We could afford more field trips to museums and other learning centers as well. My son is six and really smart and advanced for his age. With the scholarship we could explore his interests more, and help him develop the skills he is more advanced in as well as the areas he struggles. It would really help us to be able to expand the ways he could receive his education.
This scholarship could completely change my dyslexic child’s education and future. Tutors and programs that focus solely on dyslexia are expensive and financially out of our reach. With the help of this scholarship, she can get the help she needs to have the same quality of education that other students receive.
Eagle Mountain
There are so many reasons my family would consider receiving the Utah Fits All Scholarship an absolute dream come true. First, the expense of homeschooling is so much more than people imagine. If I were to purchase half of the things my children were interested in learning, I would be spending thousands of dollars every year. If our family could afford that, it would be ideal. But unfortunately, we can't. Many people would tell me to simply put the responsibility back on the state and send my children to school. However, this is not the decision our family has made. I feel the responsibility to teach the values and expectations that my children will learn. My children ask daily with hope if we've heard about scholarship awards yet. They ask questions like, “If we get the scholarship…” — Can we play basketball again? Can we take piano lessons again? Can I have ballet class? Cooking class? Pottery class? Automotive classes? Field trips? Saxon math homeschool program? And so many more. I am thankful and excited for those who are working to make these funds possible for families like ours to be able to make a homeschool experience that our kids deserve.
Santa Clara
We have loved our teachers this year. We love the Spanish dual-immersion program at our child's school. However, I think of a dozen things every day that I wish I had time to teach them. We live in a different world than I grew up in. Do a quick google search and you can find thousands of online classes for kids in foreign language, coding, even cooking classes. I love the idea of being able to tailor my child's education to their individual learning style and needs, and the chance to spend more time with them when they are young is priceless. I want to use the scholarship to enroll my kids in classes that fit their particular interests. I want to spend more time focusing on them one-on-one, rather than having them in a classroom of 30 kids. I want the consistency that homeschool can provide. I want lunch time to be a time where they are learning to prepare meals, and school to be a place that grows with them. I don't want to attend another parent-teacher conference where I hear that my child is ahead, but it really isn't wise socially to move him up a grade, so he just goes to school to be bored. I want my kids to feel challenged and excited about learning! And while I appreciate all that our public school teachers have done and I think the world of them, I don't think it is the answer for every kid. I would feel so blessed to be able, with this scholarship, teach my kids like I've always wanted. $8000 a year in public school can't take them very far, but at home? I can only imagine what it can do for them!
Hyrum is my 7-year old son diagnosed with a variety of conditions, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety, mixed receptive-expressive language disorder, and sensory modulation disorder. These diagnoses present in an anxiety-driven need for control, and so cause many behavioral issues that threaten the safety of self, family members. and pets. His behavioral challenges are so severe that our whole family is at risk of further degradation. The burden is so much that we feel we cannot leave him in anyone else’s care. We don’t have any extended family support, and community members also feel too uncomfortable or unsafe to offer help. Because his self-harming behaviors and shutting down were so severe, we had to stop ABA services (the only therapy for autism covered by insurance) and pull him out of a public classroom setting, leaving us with absolutely no resources for therapy or academic tutoring. Having this scholarship would open up the ability to pay for private tutors and so many other private academic resources that could help Hyrum with his unique and very challenging condition that would bless him and our family so much.
Kara, my 7-year old daughter, should be in the second grade this year, but instead is fighting cancer. She has missed out on school and friends, and the district failed to send a teacher out for several months. We finally gave up on her getting any instruction this year and decided to instead try to find a school that better fit her needs and our values. My son, Grayson is starting kindergarten next year and is high functioning autistic. He is crazy smart and does well in an environment that challenges him. Public schools tend to be overcrowded and we were told do not have programs for advanced learners until the 3rd grade. He needs a class that is smaller and has programs like leveled reading to help him thrive. We toured several schools and made a choice we are excited about; however, we cannot afford to send either kid to our chosen school without the scholarship. Cancer treatments and ABA Therapy take up the majority of our income and we will not be able to give our kids the education we desire for them without help from the Utah Fits All Scholarship.
West Valley City
Being a single Mother with cancer, homeschool was the best option for us. I needed to get as much time with them as I could. And they didn't fancy the public school situation anyways. I have truly struggled to do the things they need, and be able to do what my health needs. The scholarship can change all of that for many, not just myself. Many of us are struggling and doing all we can for our children, but we just cannot get ahead. Opportunities like this change lives. More programs like this should be available. Times are hard for so many, but things like this are an absolute gift. The thought of buying my children their own computers and the art supplies they need for school, is just calming. We all deserve that calm. If I receive the Utah Fits All Scholarship, wonderful! But if I do not, whomever did, I hope your life is a bit easier.
Our five-year-old son, Luka is an avid learner! Ever curious and naturally gifted, we are constantly amazed by the connections he forms about the world around him. We love seeing him light up as he learns a new concept and we have been able to learn right alongside him as he asks questions about concepts we aren’t knowledgeable in. One thing that Luka is not interested in is sitting still. He learns continuously through his motion and exploration. As he reached the age for kindergarten, we became disheartened to learn that the only option available to us is full-day kindergarten. Our sweet boy is far too busy learning to spend a whole day sitting at a desk, so we decided to pursue alternative options and decided that homeschooling was the best fit for him at this stage of life. We are so excited to be able to buy him books and unit-study curriculum about all the things that interest him — volcanoes, bugs, weather, ancient Egypt, poetry… We can’t wait to take him to the nature center, the dinosaur park, thanksgiving point, the zoo, and the aquarium and allow him to expand his world even more! This scholarship will give us the freedom to support Luka in all his curiosity and set him up with a great foundation for a lifelong love of learning!
To be awarded a scholarship and be able to attend Juan Diego Catholic High School would be an immense opportunity for Hudson. Hudson, who is our youngest of six children, will be a 9th grader this coming fall of 2024. Hudson is seeking to maintain a spiritual environment that continues to foster a connection with God. We believe that Juan Diego embodies values and educational quality that we desire for our Hudson's development. As parents, we pray for the nurturing of Hudson's spiritual growth within the Christian traditions. We hope for the ability to be able to place Hudson in an environment that may encourage him to remain morally grounded. Our wish is for Hudson to be part of a community that encourages curiosity and critical thinking, celebrates diversity, and instills a sense of social responsibility — with Hudson, as a family we look to find Christ, healing and hope again…all under the guidance of faith.
South Jordan
Since having my daughter in 2016, I knew I wanted to homeschool. When we first started her education we were barely making it financially. We decided to live off our food storage for two months to save up for a curriculum I really wanted. It was a sacrifice we were willing to make. Receiving this scholarship money would mean a proper desk to sit at and a table for learning at. It would mean art supplies she has always wanted and curriculum that aligns with our values. We don’t have a computer or iPad so that would also be amazing to aid in her learning. We would always choose homeschool or school choice for our children, and we are so excited for the possibilities. It would truly be life changing.
North Logan
The importance of receiving the Utah Fits All Scholarship for my family means that my children can continue their academic journey with their current Catholic School, Saint Francis Xavier. Financial struggles are a real thing. With each passing school year the cost to educate my children increases. As a family we choose to make sacrifices to ensure both of our children have these educational opportunities to what we feel is the best academic path for them. To obtain the scholarship would mean less of a financial burden. We as parents would be allowed to stop focusing on tuition costs and put more energy into our children's development not only academically, but physically and emotionally. My son, Maximus (9 years) was diagnosed with ADHD and autism spectrum three years ago in collaboration with his school. Max has attended this school since he was 3 years old and the faculty know him very well. He is currently enrolled in a speech therapy program as well as a Stress Busters program to help him with language skills, confidence, and self-love. My hope is that funds can go toward individual tutoring sessions in subjects he has struggled with this past school year and more after-school club/sport programs. Max is extremely intelligent and friendly. My daughter, Nora (5 years) has just begun her educational adventure. She is outgoing, curious, spunky, kind and smart, always a smile on her face and a song in her heart. Anything that can start her off and soaring into education is all I strive for. I believe the most amazing concept of the Utah Fits All scholarship is that it gives my family the ability to choose what educational path we want for our children. As our children grow and change so will their paths, and the scholarship would be there to aid in whatever is going to work best for them because every child is unique.
West Valley City
We have three kids, school age 9, 7, and 5. Two of our children are neurodiverse and the public school system just doesn’t work for them, at least not without causing immense emotional stress. Last year we found the perfect private school, but it is pricey. With three kids in school and two more joining in the next few years, this scholarship would help us so much. We want to provide the best we can for our kids and we pay a lot in taxes, which aid public schools, then have to fork out money for private school. The Utah Fits All Scholarship would help our family so much.
St. George
Having twins is difficult enough in and of itself, but having one with cerebral palsy brings a whole new set of challenges. My twins, Ashley and Kingston are 13 years old and will be freshman next year. As parents you want to provide the best education and extracurricular activities you can equally to all your kids. Which can be extremely challenging when you have boy/girl twins with completely different personalities, interests, and hobbies. This scholarship will allow us not only to provide the individualized education both my twins need, but more importantly it will help us access tools and programs for both. Whether it’s access to club soccer and special science courses for my daughter or extra academic help/classes and rehabilitation programs for my son's CP, these scholarships would mean the world to our family and open doors for them that we wouldn’t otherwise have access to.
We have found a school that checks all of our boxes as a family; it meets our needs on a social, educational and emotional level! We love the community of families who share our values of education and personal integrity. We moved our family 50 miles and bought a new home so that we could attend this school! It’s a private school and tuition is steep! We make sacrifices every day so that our children can attend. Receiving the Utah Fits All Scholarship would make it possible for us to continue attending this school and ease our financial burden. In addition to a quality education for our kids we dream of making memories as a family, being able to explore the beautiful state of Utah and beyond; national parks, lakes, mountains, and take our kids to the beach someday! Right now we don’t have the finances to travel or do a lot of extra curricular activities because we are pouring everything into school tuition. We are not attending our larger family summer gathering this year in order to save for school. We are praying for the scholarship this year for our son, Ben age 6, and Briggs age 5, so that we can get back some of our family time and resources needed to balance education, family relationships, and fun!
Pleasant Grove
I have two daughters, Abby aged 10 and Ellie aged 8, that we hope can be awarded the scholarship over the next year or two. I think it is very important for children to develop a strong identity and familial bonds. Families will stay with a child forever, while a teacher in a school will only be a presence in a child's life for one year. As a stay at home mom, I am available to be the consistent influence in my children's lives. I can be the one to help them tailor their educational needs. I am of the opinion that my ability to take charge of my children's education gives nothing but relief to the overburdened public and charter school system. However, I also feel that as a taxpayer I should be able to have access to the dollars that would be used to fund my kids if they were in a public school. This would make it so that I can still have access to whatever curriculum, classes, and supplies we need without having to pay more money than what I already pay for education in taxes. Even though I am passionate about parenting and shepherding my children's education, I do believe that it takes a village to raise a child. If I get the scholarship funds, I hope to have my girls participate in a combination of one off classes, private hybrid/homeschool programs, and at home instruction with access to rigorous curriculums and literature.
The desire for a better future unites and drives our family every day in search of better opportunities. We have always been clear that good education is the most appropriate means to provide our children with the support and help they need to achieve. your dreams and goals. At this time our resources are limited, that is why this scholarship is an unbeatable opportunity to take a giant step in our daughter, Ana Lucia’s education and to explore her abilities; One of her needs and ours too is to be able to find extracurricular activities that allow her to build character and discipline, making appropriate use of free time and making this new educational experience more enriching. We are thankful for this beautiful opportunity to allow us to talk about our dreams and desires.
A few weeks after my daughter’s entrance into first grade, I started getting constant phone calls from her school to come and get her as she was quite ill. In addition, my once “flying above average” learner, was suffering in all areas of study. After serious consideration my husband and I decided to bring our child home for her education. Almost instantly all the distressing symptoms disappeared. Her interest in learning and her success in her studies returned. A few months later my child would be diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Slowly all the pieces came together. My daughter's inability to sustain perfection, at the required pace of her classroom experience, was terrorizing her mind, and was being displayed through physical symptoms. Because she was only six, she had a hard time placing into words what she was feeling at the time. All she knew how to communicate was the physical pain she was suffering. Fast forward four years, and my sweet, now fifth grader, Noa Kate (age 10), is absolutely flourishing in her home education experience. She is above average in her language arts, literature, and writing abilities, and sustains her academic levels in all other areas with ease. I cannot tell you what a gift it has been to watch her have the opportunity to be her best self and do all that she wants to do. Home learning has provided an environment of strength and success as she learns the important life skills of managing compulsions and tendencies that are attributed to OCD. I feel confident that the progress she makes, both academically and with the important life skills that are unique to her situation, would not be able to be achieved through the normal schooling environment. I feel so thankful for the opportunity we have to provide a place for her where she can be her best self, and can advance just like those in her peer group. In addition to my daughter Noa Kate, I also homeschool my oldest daughter, Doutzen Elle (age 12), as well as my son, Sullivan Jack (age 8). Finding such success with my daughter, we decided to homeschool all of our children. We have continued to see impressive results from each of them throughout our experience. Homeschooling has been a great blessing to our home, but with the continued increase in the cost of living, and with our children reaching higher levels of learning, we have found it incredibly difficult to have the necessary funds for providing everything they need to be fully successful. Homeschooling feels like an essential part of our lives, and so my husband and I have done everything we can to approach every avenue possible to scrape up the money necessary to continue forward. My husband has a great full time job, but in addition has secondary work, and I have had to get an evening job to provide the money we need to fulfill the supplies, curriculum, and opportunities for a successful and thriving learning environment. Having access to the funds from UEFA scholarship would enable us to continue to provide the resources and materials necessary to help our children find success in their studies and continue to thrive through all levels of education. We are so thankful for all those who support this opportunity. It means so much to our family to have the option of teaching our children in the environment that is the best fit for their individualized needs.


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