It’s time for Caleb, Carter, and Jayden to find their fit!

Caleb, Carter, and Jayden* are three African immigrants living in Salt Lake City. They had an almost unbearable amount of stress put on them during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their dad was stranded in Africa early on in the pandemic while visiting family. Their mom was hospitalized for ten months during that first year of lockdowns and protocols.

Carter was barely reading at a second grade level as an eighth grader. Prior to getting sick, his mother requested remedial classes and wanted him held back a year to give him time to catch up before high school. This never happened. It wasn’t until his sophomore year that he was placed into special education. 

As a junior, Carter isn’t on track to graduate. The school is asking him to make up lost credits from his freshman and sophomore year, while maintaining his current grades as a junior. Children like Carter too often slip through the cracks.

The lack of learning opportunities, unfortunately, is not the worst part about school for the three brothers. There are gangs, school fights, and constant bullying that they suffer through. The brothers want to learn, but it’s hard to get excited about school when you fear for your own safety.

Caleb, Carter, Jayden, and their mom (who’s out of the hospital now) want to be at a school where they feel safe and supported.  More importantly, they need an environment that meets them on their level and helps them excel. The Utah Fits All Scholarship could put a school that fits their needs within reach. And that could change everything.

*Names changed to protect privacy