Job Opening

Executive Director

Utah currently has a void in the advocacy space for an organization singularly focused on education choice and innovation. Utah Education Fits All has been organized to fill this void as a new education and advocacy organization focused on supporting Utah families in finding and using the education solution and options that best suit their children. Recently, the Governor signed into law Utah’s first-ever universal education spending account scholarship program. Utah Education Fits All will launch its important advocacy work by directly marketing, educating about, and building awareness for this new program—as well as advocate for other existing and future education choice programs. Utah Education Fits All is seeking a very motivated individual to lead both its 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 to promote the new Utah Fits All Scholarship Program in Utah. If hired, you will be tasked with the important role of building the influence, respect, and effectiveness of the new organization. Your ultimate goal will be to ensure the long-term health, efficacy, and growth of Utah’s education choice programs and options. In this role, you’ll get to…
  • Oversee the launch of new marketing campaigns and education initiatives, organize parents and advocates, and coordinate an ongoing effort to support scholarship program managers as well as participating parents.
  • Use every part of your communications toolkit to advance our cause with parents, the public, important stakeholders, and legislators.
  • Help formulate marketing strategies that grow our brand and build interest in Utah’s education choice programs.
  • Grow a large supporter database of parents, families, and advocates.
  • Fundraise from individual donors, foundations, national organizations, etc. to sustainably grow the organizations and expand our activities.
  • Work with a new board of qualified individuals to carry out the mission of the organization.
  • Work directly with legislators and other stakeholders in advocating for continued support and growth of Utah’s education choice programs as well as advocate for new policy initiatives.
  • Organize parents and other advocates into an effective voice for educational choice in Utah.
  • You will directly advocate for education policy and be involved in campaigns and elections.
You’ll do it using your…
  • 5+ years of experience in advocacy, public relations, marketing, organizational leadership or another similar role
  • Leadership and teambuilding skills
  • Communications skillset
  • Relationship and networking skills
  • Eagerness, hunger, and start-up mentality combined with being unafraid to use your entrepreneurial spirit
  • Ability to use judgment and discretion in diverse situations
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure with interruptions
  • Proactive, persistent, and assertive organizational abilities to stay focused and not let things fall behind
  • Problem solving skills to tackle new things without having to be told each step
  • Good natured — and drama-free — personality, and team player attitude
  • Ability to travel across the state for a variety of events and engagements
To Apply Qualified candidates should submit the following application materials to
  • Résumé
  • Cover letter detailing your qualifications, your sincere interest in this position and Utah Education Fits All’s mission, and your salary requirements
  • Any writing samples relevant to the job description
  • Three relevant references